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Singapore Employability Skills System (ESS)

The Singapore Employability Skills System (ESS) equips our workforce with generic and portable skills that will enable workers to better adapt to new job demands, work challenges and changing work environment. Employability skills have been identified on the basis that workers can transfer and apply these skills across industries and jobs. These skills apply to three broad occupational levels: operations, supervisory and managerial. 

It is part of the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) framework, which is a robust and integrated continuing education and training system designed to build industry competencies.

A Statement of Attainment (SOA) is awarded to a trainee who:

1. Attain at least 75% attendance during the training course
2. Complete the pre- and post-training assessments 
3. Attain a score of at least 80% for the post-training assessment
4. Achieve 100% of the competencies listed in the competency checklist

Skills Development Fund (SDF) Rates:

Training Programme

Nature of Training

Workers Below 40 years

Workers 40 years and above *

ESS courses
(WPLN and non-WPLN)

Publicly conducted courses

80% of course fees capped at $16 per hour, whichever is lower

90% of course fees capped at $16 per hour, whichever is lower


Skills Redevelopment Programme (SRP) Rates:

Workers Below 40 years

Workers 40 years and above *

$6 per hour capped at 80% of hourly basic salary

$6.80 per hour capped at 90% of hourly basic salary

* Rates apply to workers aged 40 years old and above, with 'A' level qualifications or below.

Funding Criteria

To be eligible for the training incentives for the ESS modules offered through us, you have to:

i. Be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident of Singapore;
ii. Achieve at least 75% attendance during the training course;
iii. Attempt all the required assessments for the module.

Our ESS training modules are:

Problem Solving and Decision Making (PSDM)
covers techniques used in solving workplace problems, including the identification of root causes to a problem, generating and evaluating alternative solutions, and making appropriate decisions.

Personal Effectiveness (PE)
focuses on the development of the life skills of the individual so that one could be personally effective in one's work and be able to maintain and gain employability in volatile employment situations.

Initiative and Enterprise (I&E)
looks at the techniques for using workplace resources to develop plans and implement those plans to achieve goals set.

Communication and Relationship Management (CRM)
focuses on competencies that workers need for effective and successful interaction with their colleagues, subordinates, supervisors, partners and customers/clients.

For more information :

PS Consulting Group Pte. Ltd.
7 Maxwell Road #05-05 MND Complex Annexe B
Postal Code 069111 SINGAPORE
Tel: +65-62218100 Fax : +65-62218265







7 Maxwell Road #05-05
MND Complex Annexe B
Singapore 069111
Tel: +65-62218100
Fax : +65-62218265